Pa Henry Ma 帕·亨利·马

It’s just mind blowing to read about the exploits of Pa Henry and I as ponder about how advanced and sophisticated he was for his educational background and for his time, I kept asking myself what must have triggered the ingenuity that was in him at that time. I wonder if he shared what the seed of his achievements with any of his children. What might that have been? To do what he did then now, he’ll be one of the thousands, but for that time, he was indeed one among the millions, if not tens of millions. Great man!

读到Pa Henry和我的功绩让我感到震惊,我在思考他在教育背景和时间方面的先进和成熟,我一直在问自己是什么触发了当时他的创造力。我想知道他是否与他的任何孩子分享了成就的种子。那可能是什么?要想做他现在所做的事情,他将是成千上万的人之一,但是到那时,他的确是成千上万(即使不是几千万)之一。好人!

By Femi

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