Errata 勘误

I have uploaded to this site a 4 page errata file to correct some posting of my family branch. Hopefully the errors will be corrected soon. 我已将一个4页的勘误文件上传到此网站,以更正我的家庭分支的部分内容。希望这些错误会尽快得到纠正。

Automatic Translation is now fully functional. 现在,“自动翻译”功能全面。 Blog now automatically translates between English to Chinese and Chinese to English. It is now fully functional. This is, perhaps, the best channel to communicate with everyone in our family. Blog现在会自动在英语到中文之间以及中文到英语之间翻译。现在,它已完全正常运行。也许这是与我们家庭中每个人进行交流的最佳渠道。

Welcome 欢迎

Welcome to my blog! In this space, I hope to be able to share some observations of the world around me. But now to sleep, perchance to dream… 欢迎到我的博客!在这个空间里,我希望能够分享一些对我周围世界的观察。但是现在要睡觉了,有可能做梦…