Formal Release of Version 1.0

I am pleased to announce that this is Formal Release Version 1.0

I like to highlight a few new features in this Release:

1. Registration is now available via email, SMS, WeChat, or WhatsApp.

2. The file upload function at the bottom of every page would be a good place for you to provide media and other files. Media files sent via WhatsApp and WeChat (if full image is not enabled), are compressed and can lose quality.

3. You are encouraged to request for custom reports. See examples.

4. Just as Debbie has produced a special page for her grandmother, the Curating Team and everyone are encouraged to author pages to share information about an individual or family group. See, this page.

5. You are encouraged to use the blog function to start discussion topics either in English or in Chinese. This blog function is a useful way for members of the entire world-wide Ma/Marr family to interact with each other, a more versatile and inclusive way (world-wide) than WhatsApp group chat. You may use the translation function (automatic in the comment field, and soon to be added to other fields) to read in your language of choice.

I like to thank the website team members: Kevin Shepherd, Jim Brayton, Debbie Marr and Dianah Marr for their tireless effort making this release possible. Above all, I like to thank everyone for your support to make this project a reality.

Please do surf around. If you see anything needs fixing or needs improving, please feel free to add as a comment here. We will do everything we can to improve this website. This website belongs to everyone in the family.

By Ted Marr 馬鸿昌

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