Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra Commentary

My father was a devote Buddhist. At my mother’s urging, he became a baptized Christian in Hong Kong. However, in his heart, he was always a Buddhist. In 1932, when he was 42 years old, he became a lay monk for a short while. His interest in Buddhism went beyond the superficial. In fact, he spent much time understanding the sutra. In particular, he was interested in the Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra 般若波罗蜜多心经.  In 1933, after attending many of the lectures by his Zen Master (禅师) Baojing (宝静大法師), he turned his notes into a commentary (hyperlink) to share with his fellow believers. He told me that although much of the commentary writings were his notes from his Master, the diagraming of the thoughts and principles found at the end of the commentary were his own creation. I spent a bit of time on it and found the ideas fascinating and very systematically laid out. 

Although in 1933, he printed 6,000 volumes to distribute free to his friends and other devotees, there is only one original copy remaining. It is currently under safekeeping at the “Marr Genealogy Library” in Portland at Debbie Marr’s place.
– Ted Marr, 25th Gen.

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