Abridged Genealogy of Tian Pei and Evelyn

In 1936, nearly 12 years before the next major 1948 Edition, my grandfather Tian Pei compiled an abridged Ma Genealogy version. Before his effort was the 1916 Edition. So, Tian Pei summarized and abridged parts of the 1916 Edition and added all the new individuals since 1916 that he knew under Shi Liang of the 21st Generation. Clearly, much of this information has been incorporated into the 1948 Edition. 

In the 1960s, my father instructed my sister Evelyn to enter additional information about his children. 

Cover of the Abridged Genealogy

Therefore, this document is of historic significance as it actually contains information not found in the 1948 Edition, especially about his children.
Ted Marr, 25th Gen

Download 1936 Tian Pei Simplified Edition, Further updated by Evelyn circa 1980s.