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The Preface of Re-editing Ma’s Genealogies in the Wanli Period of Ming Dynasty

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The Preface of Re-editing Ma’s Genealogies in the Wanli Period of Ming Dynasty

Don’t be always showing off your appearance, but always best to behave properly.  Let the family be prosperous and make sure it is passed on to future generations. Everything is like this, let alone the genealogy of a family. The genealogy of a family is like a country. The history of development is the same. In the past, the country had a special agency in charge of national historical data. Later, the agency specializing in editing historical data on national development was abolished, and the princes and ministers in the court were based on their respective surnames. To make sure your own genealogy becomes popular all over the country. The detailed record of genealogy was Ziyun, and the earliest was in Yinjing. Genealogical records began in the folks in the descendants of the Sun family and gradually developed to various  Family names. Ou Su produced a genealogical editing model that has been handed down to the world, and Zhu Zi also stipulated the time for major and minor editing of the genealogy. Alas, everyone in the world needs to explore the ideas of the roots of the family, and, to show the respect they should develop the genealogy of their own clan to show respect. It is the road to one’s own ancestors!

People from the Ma family live in the north and south of Zhenjiang Bridge in Zhejiang Province. They are very prosperous. They are the local famous family and are really the fifth grandson of Xiao Kuan Gong. This Ma family believes that their original Tgenealogy was compiled during the Jiajing period. It has been forty-nine years now. Now, there are more and more members of their family. Future generations have requested to re-edit the Ma clan genealogy. If you don’t edit the genealogy again, the older elders of the family will gradually get old so that fewer and fewer people can provide references for the compilation of the Ma family tree. If the Ma family tree is not re-edited, then for the descendants of the Ma family, “What is the basis” for people to continue editing the Ma family tree generation after generation? Therefore, Duanqiu and Duankai, the 12th grandsons of the Ma family, and their nephews Wenquan and Wenjiang, as well as the Shang Older people who have a better understanding of the development of their clan, organized a new compilation of the Ma family tree. They took the re-edited Ma family tree and asked me to write a preface to it. I saw that this genealogy still imitates Ou Su’s ready-made model using the ancient five elements to divide the major and minor branches in the drawing. This re-edited Ma family tree began with Xiao Kuan Gong and the life of the sixteenth grandsons, including when they moved to another location which is recorded in the genealogy. The description of the entire genealogy is simple and clear. The notebook of the whole genealogy is available. The faithful will be passed on as credible, and the suspicious will be passed on as the objective principle of suspicious. Everyone’s life situation has been carefully verified. This is the respect for the ancestors so that the family’s best side is shown. The people are prosperous, and prosperous careers can be passed on to future generations. In this way, the ancestors of the Ma family will not be more proud!

Gengchen Early Spring in the Eighth Year of Wanli in Ming Dynasty

Written by 同邑痒生如城的何坊

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