Original Documents

Preface of First Edition, 1275 版序言

The original 1948 edition of the Bright Creek Ma/Marr Family Genealogy 光溪馬氏宗谱, rediscovered on June 11, 2012, consists of 1,182 pages. All the pages are written in Classical Chinese and downloadable. To make this information readily readable to a wider audience in our extended family, many key documents are being translated into Modern Chinese and English. Newly translated documents will be added as they become available. This is an ongoing translation process. Summaries, explanations, background information of various topics related to these documents in the 1948 Genealogy can also be found in this section. This 1948 Edition formed the basis for our current electronic-web-interactive 12th edition.

Ted Marr (25th Generation), Editor
12th Edition, 2021.