Genealogy Tree & Reports

The Ma or Marr family progenitor’s name is Ma Xiao Kuan 马孝宽, born on June 19, 1163 CE around 6 AM. There are over 3400 individuals in the complete tree. Nearly all the descendants, about 200 with whom we are in contact, descended from Ma Shi Liang 马世良 (b. February 17, 1818 at 3 a.m.) of the 21st Generation. Most of these descendants who emigrated out of China are descendants of Henry Marr (b. January 15, 1890 at 4 a.m.) of the 24th Generation. In this section, there are many interesting charts and reports. Hundreds of years of data have been processed to construct this substantial family tree.

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Genealogy Tree from Xiao Kuan down 9 Generations