Yue Pai Yung (1913-1964) – Wife of Henry Marr

Translation and web page author: Debbie Marr (G26); Special thanks to Jan Shun for transposing the Chinese into digital format.

This is a page about Henry Marr’s (G24) second wife Yue Pai Yung (余佩云). Henry also referred to her as Mother Marr Matriarch Yue (馬母余太夫人).

Henry Marr’s Ode to His Wife

After Yue Pai Yung’s death, Henry compiled a collection of remembrances and sent copies to their children, Alec, Meiling, Evelyn, George, and Ted. The collection, consisting of a 32-page document and a 1-hour audio record, was completed and distributed 6 months after her death.

The audio recording is here:

This recording includes messages/instructions from Henry to his children, the voice of Yue Pai Yung giving advice to Alec (take fish oil and drink milk), and Yue Pai Yung and Henry singing Peking opera. Peking opera was a favorite pastime of theirs. They found tremendous meaning in it. Henry takes great pains in the document (the last 22 pages) to write out the lyrics and explain their significance.

The document, original Chinese and English translation, is here:

Mother Marr Matriarch Yue – Lasting Voice and Images

馬母余太夫人 音容並存
Mother Marr Matriarch Yue – Lasting Voice and Images
馬母余太夫人 靈前
In front of the memorial tablet of Mother Marr Matriarch Yue
Henry (圻源) directing his children and grandchildren to bow.

Mother Marr Matriarch Yue – Her Legacy

Mother Marr Matriarch Yue – Her Legacy
這幾張五彩照片甚寶貴的是在1964 年五月六日在林肯鴻騫宅內,由我所攝。 這一天是你們先母的生辰,她甚欣悅,故而換了幾次衣服拍照,但是,萬萬想不到再六個月,她要與我們永別。

I took these very precious color photos on May 6th 1964 at Alec’s (鴻騫) house in Lincoln.  It was your mother’s birthday.  She was very happy, so she changed clothes several times for photos.  Inconceivably, it would be only six months later that she would leave us.

• 生辰 癸丑歲1913 年五月六日 生在萬縣
• 忌辰 一九六四年十一月六日 沒在英倫

Mother Ma

  • Born May 6, 1913 in Wanxian (萬縣)
  • Died November 6, 1964, not in England

Photo taken on May 6, 1964 in Lincoln.


附 悲 哀 録
1964 年十一月三日上午八時半,見到愛妻余氏夫人之情況,此日悲痛真使我心碎矣,拎當晚十一時,記寫之悲詞如左:
天那!不料十月三十日早晨六時半,妳因欲嘔吐,起床至厨房,擬吐入磁盆,吐不出致妳暈倒,九時請醫生,十一時醫生來診視, 即叫救護車,我陪送妳至PADDINGTON GENERAL HOSPITAL,當由三位醫生輪流診視、驗血、量血壓等,檢查並驗察心臟,至下午四時派定床位,在第八病室,次日加注鹽水針,各醫生都希望妳身體加增體力,不料二曰下半夜,妳突比情況,三日早晨進入暈眠,亦是在彌留之中,亦是無可挽救之境,真使我如萬箭刺心,我悲痛極矣,我們夫妻三十年,正如大夢一場,昔日之恩愛與同棲都在目前!我的苦命賢妻,在短短時間中看妳要與我分路矣,我的心碎矣!
1964 年十一月三日晚十一時 圻源泣記」

At 8:30 in the morning on November 3, 1964, I saw the situation of my beloved wife Yue. The grief that day broke my heart. At 11 o’clock that night, I wrote these sad words:

Paiyung, my wife, I want to cry silently, why is your life is so bitter and so short?  Our children are all, in turn, establishing their independence.  It is your time to shine. In five years, you can live freely at each of our children’s homes.  Unexpectedly, it seems the evil spirit’s hands have claimed your body and the doctor is unable to save you. I recall just two weeks ago on October 17th, you made the difficult decision to go in person to buy a new carpet.  On October 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, we painted the living room together. On Saturday, October 24th, you stayed at Evelyn’s (英齡) house in Nanxiang (Southampton?) for one night. On the 25th, I came and accompanied you home. On the 26th and 27th, everyone was still happy. Although you had stomach pain, we never thought it would be an imminent disaster. On Wednesday October 28th, I accompanied you to the family doctor who prescribed pills for you to take by mouth three times a day. You said the pills were helping.

My God! Unexpectedly, at 6:30am, the morning of October 30, you felt nauseous so you got up and went to the kitchen. You intended to vomit into the basin but, unable to vomit, you fainted. I called the doctor at 9 o’clock. The doctor said he would meet you at 11 o’clock. We immediately called for an ambulance, and I accompanied you to Paddington General Hospital. Three doctors took turns examining, doing blood tests, blood pressure measurements, etc., and checked and examined your heart. At 4:00 in the afternoon, a bed was assigned to you in the eighth ward. The next day they inserted an IV saline drip. Every doctor wished for you to improve your strength. Unexpectedly on the second day, in the middle of the night, you took a turn for the worse. On the morning of the third day, you fell into a coma. You are dying, in a terminal state. I feel like ten thousand arrows are stabbing my heart. I am extremely sad. Our thirty years as husband and wife, like a big dream, our love and our life together, flashes in front of my eyes. My hard-working and good wife, seeing that you will leave me shortly, my heart is broken!

You often say that you want to go first. I’m begging you to go slowly. Wait for me so that we may go together.

At 11 o’clock in the evening on November 3, 1964, Henry’s (圻源) Weeping Record”

上頁悲哀記録在1964 年十一月九日由宣紹曾牧師在靈樞前用上海語誦讀給賢妻在天之靈收聽,再由英國牧師REV. Hill 禱告並唱贊美詩舉行火葬。
圻源率同: 鴻騫、馬嘉麗、材蓮、材良、材珩

The lamentation recorded on the previous page was read in Shanghainese by Pastor Xuan Shaozeng in front of the casket on November 9, 1964 for the good wife in heaven to hear. Then, the British pastor Reverend Hill prayed and sang hymns for cremation.

All the good friends were invited to participate in sending the casket for cremation.

Thank you:
Mr. Fan, Mrs. Fan, Mrs. Xu, Mr. Huang, Mrs. Huang, Mrs. Chen, Miss Chen, Mr. Guo, Mrs. Guo, Mrs. Fu, Mrs. Chen.

Henry’s descendants:
Hongqian, Ma Jiali, Cailian, Cailiang, Caiheng
Hongchang, Meiling, Yingling, Hongzhi

The funeral was held in the small auditorium of the crematorium
After the ceremony, everyone was friendly and offered refreshments.

《洪羊洞》! 唱楊延昭詞 二簧快三眼(即三眼一板) 自那日,朝駕歸,安然睡定。三更時,夢見了,年邁爹尊。 曾前番,命孟良,骸骨 請。俱都是,蕭天佐,弄假成真。 真骸骨,在北國,洪羊洞。 望鄉臺,第三層,那 是真。 二次裏,命孟良,番營來進。不知誰,焦克明,他私下後跟。 老軍報,有二將,死在洪羊洞。失去了, 左右膀,難以飛驣。 為北事,終日裏,憂愁疾病。因此上,臣的病,重加十分。l 千歲爺 呀!

At the request of Evelyn and seconded by Mickey, I was asked to sing and record a few Chinese operas. I never wanted to record my singing because I know that I don’t sing well. However, just a few days ago, in the garden of Mrs. Chen’s home, with the accompaniment of Mr. You Jiankang on erhu, I sang and recorded a section of “Hongyang Cave”.  This fulfilled Evelyn’s request.

The story of “Hongyang Cave” has been detailed on the previous page.

“Hongyang Cave”! Sing Yang Yanzhao’s poems, two springs and three eyes Since that day, he returned home and fell asleep peacefully. At the third watch, I dreamed of being old. Zeng Qianfan, ordered Meng Liang, bones please. All are, Xiao Tianzuo, the fake has come true. Real skeletons, in the Northland, Hongyang Cave. Wangxiang Terrace, third floor, that’s true. In the second time, Meng Liang was ordered to come in with Fanying. I don’t know who, Jiao Keming, he followed in private. Laojun Bao, there were two generals who died in Hongyang Cave. Lost, it’s hard to fly. For the North, all day long, sad and sick. Therefore, the minister’s illness has increased by ten. I Lord Chitose!

(Editor’s note:  The above poem is translated by Google Translate, likely full of error.)

又在鴻騫處覓得一張唱片,內中有母對鴻騫講話之留音,這一張唱片是在1952 年十一月十三,我仝汝等的。先母在日本東京渡假,因至東京郵政總局,見有廣告可録音,即刻可由郵局寄帶,故而我們就録了一片,即寄給鴻騫。在片上,你們母親對福齢講: “須每天吃牛奶、吃魚干油,要什麼東西,寫信來,可照買,照寄帶給你。” 言語雖只有幾句,但是父母愛兒女的心裡、熱情,非筆墨能表形。 好在今天你們亦是自為人之父母也。

I found another recording at Alec’s place.  In it, there is a recording of mother speaking to Alec. It was recorded on November 13, 1952. We were on vacation in Tokyo, Japan. At the Tokyo Post Office, there was an advertisement about audio recordings that could be done and sent by the post office immediately.  So we recorded one and sent it to Alec. In the recording, your mother said to Alec: “You must drink milk and take fish oil every day. If you need anything, write to us, we will buy it and send it to you.”

Although it’s only a few words, the heart-felt parental love is expressed beyond written expression.

Fortunately, today you are also parents.

Mother Marr Matriarch Yue – Her sound

Mother Marr Matriarch Yue – Her sound
鴻騫、美齡、英齡、鴻梵、鴻昌,我相信從去年十一月六日你們母親安息歸天以來,當然你們的均唸唸不忘你們的母親,雖然有許多照片可留作紀念,可以取母親照片大家看看,以解渴望,但是照片不為說話按你們,母親在離開我們的時候,沒有留言亦沒有留音,如果我們能使母親音容並存,這是最使我們心慰心安。 按1962 年夏季,為美齡于歸之喜,在香港結婚,你們母親飛香港,親自主持結婚大禮,而且這时候亦是你們母親有生以來最歡喜、快樂,致身體亦發福,因她在歡樂之餘, 托友代聘一位琴師, 録唱了幾段國劇。 你們母親為鴻梵學業,故特去美國訪看了鴻梵、鴻昌,又看到今天的三嫂何肇琴小姐. 在該年十月,母親回來英國
今將1962 年音帶檢出來,再行録取多份,分寄每人一份,大家隨時可聽取你們母親之音,亦可使大家在悲傷中能得到安慰,可是,二嫂MARGARET及材蓮、材良、材珩他們不懂中國話語,我從略的說幾句英語,以作補充,以使他們知道這音帶之意義。


In August 1965, Henry delivered a speech on tape as follows:

Hongqian, Meiling, Yingling, Hongfan, Hongchang, your mother returned to heaven on November 6th last year and of course I know that you will never forget your mother.  Although you have many photos to keep as a remembrance of her, and you may gaze upon these whenever you desire, these photos do not recall the sound of her voice speaking to you. As mother was leaving us, she left no last messages or voice recordings. If we could merge mother’s voice and face, this could be more comforting to us.

In the summer of 1962, your mother flew to Hong Kong for Meiling’s joyful wedding.  Your mother hosted the wedding ceremony personally. This was the happiest time of your mother’s life. Happiness makes one’s body healthy.  Because of her overflowing joy, she hired an erhu accompanist to record and sing several pieces of Chinese opera.

At George’s urging, your mother looked into going on a special trip to the United States to visit George and Ted, and meet the person who would be today’s third sister-in-law, Ms. He Zhaoqin (Alice).  In October of that year, mother returned to England. When Evelyn and I greeted her at the airport, her face was so full of abundant joy that it made everyone feel truly happy. However, unthinkably, only two years later she would say goodbye to us forever, causing me to shed tears every day.

Today, we will listen to the 1962 tapes, make multiple copies of the recording, and send one copy to each person. Now you can listen to your mother’s voice at any time; it may be a comfort in your grief. However, second sister-in-law Margaret and Marya, Alexander Jr., and Jerome do not understand Chinese. I will say a few words in English for them so that they know the meaning of this audio tape.

Please be quiet for two minutes.

Peking Opera

Editor’s note: Starting on this page and continuing to the end of the document, Henry writes out the Peking opera lyrics in full (from the audio recording), including the melody and beats/rhythms, followed by an explanation of the lyrics (history, background, meaning). From here to the end of the document, the translations are done by Google Translate. In many cases, only the explanatory paragraphs were translated into English. The Peking Opera lyrics themselves were left untranslated as I felt that Google’s automated translations would be rendered garbled/meaningless due to the highly poetic style.

《文昭關》 伍子胥唱詞 英齡報告
母 唱 伍子胥唱詞
一輪明月照窗前,愁人心中似箭穿。實指望,到吳國,借兵回轉。 又誰知昭關又遇相阻攔。幸遇皋公他行方便。他把我隐藏在後花園。 一連七日我的眉難展。夜夜何曾得安眠。俺伍員,好一比,喪家之犬。 滿腹的含寃,我向誰言。我好比,哀哀長空雁。我好比,波浪中,小小漁船。 我好比魚兒吞了鈎線。我好比,淺水龍,困在沙灘。思來想去我的肝腸斷。 今夜晚,怎能得,夠睡到明天。
  楚平王無道,致伍子胥滿門被害,乃棄楚東行,欲往昊國借兵,謀報父兄被 殺之仇,迨行抵昭關,偶遇隱士東𦤎公,告以昭關方才畫形捕拿,恐難越過,子胥無奈,遂暫住𦤎家,因焦急思慮,七日間鬚髮盡白,𦤎公乃為設計,以至友皇甫訥與子胥面貌相似,故請二人易服,令皇甫先行,子
胥尾之,關吏見皇甫疑為子胥 而扣留之,子胥乃乘此際混過昭關,而皇甫訥仍由𦤎公前往保出。

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Wu Zixu’s lyricist

Yingling Report

Mother sings Wu Zixu’s lyrics

(Two spring slow board)

A bright moon shone in front of the window, and an arrow pierced through the sad heart. I really hope that I will return to the country of Wu. Who knows that Zhaoguan meets and blocks again. Fortunately, it is convenient for Gao Gong to travel. He hides me in the back garden. My eyebrows were difficult to stretch for seven consecutive days. Never sleep well every night. My team member, it’s a comparison, a bereaved dog. I’m full of grievances, to whom do I tell. I am like a mourning goose in the sky. I am like a small fishing boat in the waves. I’m like a fish swallowing a hook thread. I am like a shallow water dragon, stuck on the beach. Thinking about going to my heartbroken. How can I get it tonight, enough to sleep until tomorrow.

The story of “Wenzhaoguan”:

The king of Chu Ping was innocent and caused Wu Zixu’s whole family to be murdered. He wanted to go to the country to borrow troops and seek revenge for the murder of his father and brother. He traveled to Zhaoguan, and met the hermit Dong 𦤎gong, and told Zhaoguan to arrest him. Take it, fearing that it will be difficult to cross, Zixun has no choice, and temporarily stayed at 𦤎’s house. Because of anxious thoughts, his beard was completely white in seven days. 𦤎Duke was designed, so that the faces of friends Huangfuna and Zixu are similar. Go first, son Xu Weizhi, Guan officials saw Huangfu suspected of being Zixu and detained him. Zixu took advantage of this time to cross Zhaoguan, and Huangfune was still sent to save Huangfu.

( 西皮慢板)
楊延輝,坐宮院,自思自嘆。想起了,當年事,好不慘然。 我好比,籠中鳥,有趐難展。我好比,虎離山,受了孤單。 我好比,南來雁,失群離散。我好比,淺水龍,困在沙灘。 想當年,沙灘會,(轉啌唱二六)一場血戰。
只殺得,血成河,屍骨堆山。我有心,過宋營,見母一面。 怎奈我,身在番,遠隔在天邊。思老娘,不由人,肝腸寸斷。 想老娘,不由人,珠淚不乾。
宋將楊四郎—— 延輝,隨父征遼,兵敗,失落遼境,蕭太后驚其才勇,招為駙馬,初不知他是楊家將也,四郎與鐵鏡公主甚為和愛,惟宋、遼兩國,連歲交兵, 迄未𡩋靜,一日,四郎探悉,宋營係其六弟掛帥,老母在營調度,意欲乘間探望其母與弟,但關口阻擋,非有令箭不能出入,方枯坐宮中,憂思百結,忽為公主所見,詰同再三,始吐真情,幸公主頗能諒解,並許為盜令,助其入關,次日公主朝見蕭后,故揪其子阿哥,令哭,后問故,偽言阿哥欲取䅁上令箭玩弄,后愛外甥,竞許之,惟限翌晨上殿時 即繳還,公主叩謝畢,欣然攜令而出,於是四郎乃得,連夜入關探母。

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Take the story of “Shiro’s Visiting Mother”:

Song general Yang Shilang Yanhui, followed his father to conquer the Liao, was defeated, and lost in the Liao region. Empress Dowager Xiao was shocked by his bravery and recruited as a husband. At first I didn’t know that he was the general of the Yang family. Shiro and Princess Tiejing were very friendly. Only Song and Liao, the two countries, have been fighting each other year after year. It has not been quiet. One day, Shiro found out that Song Ying was his sixth brother in charge, and his mother was in the camp. He wanted to visit his mother and younger brother by the pass, but the barrier was blocked. Fang Ku was sitting in the palace, worrying about everything, and suddenly he was seen by the princess. He repeated the interrogation and began to express his true feelings. Fortunately, the princess was able to forgive him and allowed him to enter the customs as a thief order. The next day the princess met Xiao Empress. , So I grabbed his son and made crying, and asked the truth later, the false statement that the elder brother wanted to take the elder brother to play with his nephew, and later loved his nephew, bid for it, but only paid back when he went to the palace the next morning. The princess thanked him and took it with pleasure Ling came out, so Shi Lang Naide, went to visit his mother overnight.

《甘露寺》 喬國老唱詞 宏治報告 馬老太太唱喬國老唱詞
勸千歲,殺字,休出口。 老臣,言來,說從頭。 劉備,本是,靖王的後。漢帝,玄孫, 一脈留。他有個,二 弟。(轉腔)
(西 皮流水)
壽亭候,青龍,偃朋神鬼皆愁。白馬坡前誅文醜。 在古城,曾斬過,老蔡陽的頭。他三弟,翼德,性情有,丈八蛇矛,慣取 咽喉。曾破黃巾,兵百萬。虎牢關前,載溫侯。 當陽橋前一聲吼,吼斷了橋樑 水倒流。他四弟,子龍,英雄將。 蓋世英 雄,慣九州。 長板坡,救阿斗,殺得曹兵個個愁。 這一般武將那國有。還有諸葛有用計謀。你殺劉備不要緊, 他弟兄聞知豈肯罷休。若是與兵來爭鬥,東吳那個敢出頭。 我扭轉回身奏太后,將計就計結鸞儔。
吳國都督周瑜,以劉備久借荊州不還,乃詐稱為吳主孫權之妹尚想招贅,請劉備東行,蓋欲迎備至而囚之,為索荊州張本也,媒至,備疑不敢應,孔明代應之,並請備與趙雲攜衛士五百人往,至則囑軍士故意牽羊擔酒,招搖過市,俾使吳人皆知劉備入贅事,備先親謁喬國老,懇其遇事周全,喬乃入賀國太,國太愕然, 即呼權入,責其施用美人計之失當,權黙然,喬乃勸國太往甘露寺相婿,若滿意即以假成真,招備為婿,國太諾之,比見備,相貌堂堂,大喜,立命入宮成親,權與周瑜,徙呼負負而已。

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The story of Ganlu Temple:

The governor of the State of Wu, Zhou Yu, claimed that Liu Beijiu borrowed from Jingzhou and did not repay it. She was deceived as the sister of Lord Wu and Sun Quan and wanted to recruit. Doubtful, Kong Ming responded to it, and please prepare to go with Zhao Yun and five hundred guards. At the end, he asked the sergeant to deliberately lead the sheep and carry the wine to sway the city, so that everyone in Wu would know that Liu Bei was involved in the incident, and he was prepared to personally visit Qiao Guo. Old, I beg to be considerate, Qiao Nai entered He Guotai, Guotai was stunned, that is, he called for the right to enter, and blamed him for misappropriating beauty. The power was stunned, Qiao Nai persuaded Guotai to go to Ganlu Temple to meet her son-in-law. Really, recruiting as a son-in-law, the country is too promised, compared to the preparations, looks dignified, overjoyed, decided to enter the palace and get married, Quan and Zhou Yu, just call negative.

《借東風》 故事:

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“Borrowing the East Wind” Story:

Cao Cao went down to Jingxiang, defeated Liu Bei, and regained a million soldiers. By winning eastward, Cao Cao might annex Dongwu. The Lord of Wu, Sun Quan, requested Lu Su and Zhou Yu to make Yu Yu Yu Chibi. When Zhuge Liang was envoy to Wu, he served as Counselor for Yu’s military affairs, and Yu wanted to kill Cao’s army. This is to make Pang Tongxian a series of calculations, and ask Cao to chain the warships, so that the soldiers will not suffer from the turmoil of the waves. On the one hand, they discussed with the bright plan, and decided to attack with fire. The winter is coming, and there is very little southeast wind. Cao Ying is in the northwest, Wu Jun is in the southeast, and the southeast wind is indispensable. The Yu Rong horse is graceful, physically exhausted, and uses fire to attack. There is no southeast wind to rely on. Suffering from hemoptysis, he was very serious. Therefore, the soldiers of all battalions were panicked, When Lu Su tells it, it’s clear to know that the doctor is right, and Lu Su returns to the account to meet Yu. Have some discussion, and ask you to come to Nanping Mountain to build a high platform, I want to use the Qimen Dunjia method to help the fire attack by the east wind for three days and nights, Yu was shocked. And to win the merits of good luck with bright energy, it will be a trouble for Soochow in the future, The four generals Ding Feng, Xu Sheng, Jiang Qin, and Zhou Qin were ordered to dive to the Nanping Mountain and kill them when the wind rose. The true meaning is bright, knowing that the amount of yoga is narrow, and he has already fled and returned. It is also ingenious to learn about astronomy, which is to predict the changes in climate, wind and rain.

《洪羊洞》 楊延昭唱詞 圻源報告 馬太太唱楊延昭唱詞

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“Hongyang Cave”

Yang Yanzhao sang lyrics Qiyuan report

Mrs. Marr sings Yang Yanzhao’s lyrics

(Two reed original boards)

For the country, then why, the slightest idle time, I have also been, I have been, Zhai Beixidong. The official appointment, Jiedushi, the emperor’s grace. The body is uncomfortable, involuntary, sleepy dimly. The story of Hongyang Cave. Song Jiang Yang Jiye conquered him, touched the Li Ling stele and committed suicide. The remains were confiscated by King Fan in Hongyang Cave. Deputy Commander Shi Yanzhao is his six son, Yan Zhao ordered deputy general Meng Liang to steal it secretly, but Jiao Zan was ashamed of not being able to order, and followed without permission. Ji Youyi helped each other, Meng Liang arrived in the cave, Jiao Xian threatened loudly, and Meng Liang was anxious in secret. I don’t know the sound and appearance, I’m suspected of being an enemy, turn around and cut it, steal the bones out, and examine the body. Panic. Yu Luofan’s Song Bingcheng Xuan, awarded the skeleton and axe to return south. Already suffocated himself to death, prolonged and exhausted, and became sick with grief. When the eight wise kings went to visit, Encountering a tiger in the middle, shooting an arrow in the middle, is really the star of Yanzhao, and Yanzhao ended in a serious illness. Hearing that Yang Yanzhao, Jiao Zan, and Meng Liang had made a confession and vowed to live and die together.

《法門寺》 郿塢縣 知縣趙廉唱詞 圻源報告
(此《法門寺》在1963年夏在倫敦自宅所唱,由宏治録音,無琴師,唱此劇之報告由你們先母自己親口報告的。) 馬老太太唱趙廉唱詞
又誰知,孫家莊,起下了禍根。 孫玉姣,買風流,門前站定。
遇傅朋,丟玉鐲,暗地裏調情。 劉媒婆,你不該, 從中勾引。
轉面來,罵劉彪,你大膽的畜生。 孫家莊,黑夜裏,刀傷二命。
將人頭,胡亂丟,禍移旁人。 劉公道,在衙門,充當里正。
見人頭,你為何,不打告呈。 嘆禇生,和賈氏,無端喪命。
待本縣,去請那,高道名僧。 誦唸經文,超度爾的陰魂。
明,正德間,陝西郿塢縣孫家莊,有孫寡婦者,女玉姣,容貌娟好,母女以針繡及飼雞為生,同邑世襲指揮使傅朋,時正年少,偶以掃墓過莊,自籬間見女,好之,頻頻流聁,遺失玉鐲一只,女拾之,事為鄰嫗劉媒婆窺見,竟甘言誘女,索取繡鞋一只,允約傅朋說合良緣,至家言輕,其子彪,彪窃鞋約傅朋索詐,相爭甚烈,經里正劉公道勸解,始各散走,彪圖利不成,退而圖姦,夜攜鞋入女家,欲冒傳朋姦女,時有女之親戚,褚生、賈氏夫婦,寄與」庽女家,彪聞男女笑語聲,誤為傅與女,殺之,拋屍首於劉公道家,縣令不察,得屍傍繡鞋,拷問玉姣,因繫傳入獄,屈成圖奸殺人之罪,將問斬刑,傅所聘生員,宋國士之女巧姣,時年十六,聰慧 ,聞之,招劉媒婆至,醉以酒,盡得其實,遇太后偕劉瑾拈香法門寺,即呈狀訴寃,一經復審,事大白,初劉公道見賈氏首,懼禍及己,埋之於硃砂井中,為小使興兒所見,恐洩其事,又殺興兒埋井內,而掦言興兒竊物逃走,至是。縣令追究賈氏之首于彪,因牽涉劉公道,發硃砂井,興兒之冤亦白,因此笞劉媒婆,刑劉彪、劉公道以償命,並享存興兒及禇生、賈氏夫婦,傅朋、巧姣、玉姣三人,奉旨成親之。

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The story of Famen Temple:

Ming Dynasty, Zhengde, Sunjiazhuang, Yinwu County, Shaanxi. Those with grandchildren, widows, beautiful women, beautiful appearance, mothers and daughters make a living by stitching and feeding chickens, Fu Peng, the hereditary commander of the same town, Shizheng was young, and occasionally saw the grave When I went to the village, I saw a woman from the fence, she was good, she ran away frequently, she lost a jade bracelet, and the woman picked it up. The matchmaker Liu saw it for her neighbor, but she was willing to seduce her, and asked for an embroidered shoe. Fu Peng agreed to a good relationship. , The family is light, his son Biao, Biao steals shoes and asks Fu Peng for fraud. The fight is fierce. After Liu Gongdao persuades them, they all go away. Biao is not profitable. Female family, wanting to pretend to be friends and adulterous women, sometimes there are relatives of women, Chu Sheng, Jia’s couple, send them to “Yu Nu’s family, Biao heard the laughter of men and women, mistakenly named Fu and Daughter, killed them, and threw their bodies at Liu Gongdao. Home, the county magistrate did not check, got the corpse and embroidered shoes, tortured Yujiao, because he was sent to prison, Qu Cheng attempted to rape and murder, will be executed, Fu recruited a student, the daughter of Song Dynasty scholar Qiaojiao, at the age of sixteen , Clever, heard of it, recruited Liu matchmaker, drunk with alcohol, and got the best of reality. When the empress dowager and Liu Jin took incense at Famen Temple, he would file a complaint. Once retrial, the matter became clear. At first, Liu Gongdao saw Jia’s head and feared himself. , Buried in the cinnabar well, as seen by the young envoy Xing’er, fearing to let go of the matter, killed Xing’er and buried it in the well, but Xing’er stole the property and escaped. The county magistrate pursued Yu Biao, the head of the Jia family. Because of his involvement in Liu Gongdao, he sent a cinnabar well, and Xing’er’s injustice was also vain. Therefore, he slapped Liu matchmaker, punished Liu Biao and Liu Gongdao to pay for his life, and enjoyed Cun Xing’er, Xi Sheng and Jia family , Fu Peng, Qiaojiao, and Yujiao were ordered to get married.

《玉堂春》 蘇三起解故事 此民間故事有案可證
王金龍既官至八府巡按,查閱太原府洪洞縣案卷,發見有蘇三謀殺親夫一案,即命藩台臬台會同審理,及見犯婦,為前所摯愛之義妓玉堂春,心遂不懌,暫罷審,至續審,蘇三又將舊事告訴,金龍竞於無意中流露離情。頗為藩台臬台所譏諷,慚而稱病,案移藩臬兩官審問,藩臬二人亦故意不理,以觀究竟,金龍卒因耳目眾多,不便相認,惟暗示援救之意,以慰蘇三而已。 女起解即蘇三起解 華園陳太太唱I
我心中,只把那,爹娘來恨。 大不敢,將親女,圖財賣入媢門那。 可恨那,山西沈延林呀!他不敢與我來贖身。 皮氏贱賤人,心太恨,施毒計,用藥麵,害死夫君。 可恨那,春錦,小短命。 她不敢,私通那,趙監生。
《武家坡》 又稱平貴回窑或稱跑坡
薛平貴奉旨徵討西涼國,不想反被番邦的代戰公主所擒,國王赦他不斬,又將代戰公主匹配與他,後來國王一死,平貴就継了他的王位。平貴出外十八年,沒有回來中國。想起了從前的妻子王寶川,還在寒窑受苦,決意回來探望她,接她去西涼國同享富貴。來到武家坡前,會見了寶川,因不知她貞操如何,暫不和她相認,冒稱是平貴的朋友,故意說些話來調戲她。幸寶川不授調戲,沒有上他的當,纔得夫妻團圓。 源唱第一埸唱詞 平貴唱詞
不由人,一陣陣,淚洒胸懷。 青似山,綠似水,花花世界。 薛平貴,好一似,孤雁回來。 王丞相,在朝中,官具太宰。 哪把我,貧窮人,掛在心懷。 恨魏虎,是內親,暗將我害。 苦苦的,要害我,所為何來。 柳林下,拴戰馬,武家坡外。
(轉西皮搖板) 見了那,眾大嫂,細問開懷。
搜孤救孤又呌八義圖 (先由唱片轉録入音盒,再由音盒轉音帶)
陳大護唱片 程嬰唱詞 (二簧原板) 娘子,不必 太烈性,俾人,言來 妳自聽。 趙屠二家,有仇恨,三百餘口 命赴幽冥。 我與那公孫杵桖把計定,他舍捨命來,妳我捨親生。 捨子得救忠良後,老天爺,不絕我的後代根。 妳今捨了親生子,來年必定降麒麟。 千言萬語她不肯,不捨姣兒難救孤臣。 無奈何,我只得雙膝跪,望求娘子捨親生。 (二簧倒板) 白虎大堂奉了命。 (迥龍) 都只為,救孤兒捨親生,連累了年邁蒼蒼 受苦刑,是眼見得兩離分。 (二簧原板) 我與他人定巧計,到如今連累他受苦刑, 開言便把公孫兄問,小弟言來,你自聽, 你若是在丹墀不招認,大人的王法不容情, 手持皮鞭將你打, (搖板) 你 你 你,切莫要胡言⋯⋯攀扯我好人。 #接夏山樓主李白水唱片 硃砂誌(行善得子)唱詞未録
《八義圖》 或稱搜孤救孤 戲情說明:
春秋時戰國晉景公時,奸臣屠岸賈當權,因曾與趙家結下私仇,將趙朔滿門大小盡所抄斬,衹有趙朔的妻子莊姬,因為她是晉公的妹子,逃脫入宮,岸賈聞得莊姬新生一子,深 遺留後患,即派人入宮搜孤,但是孤兒已被趙家的門客公孫杵臼救出,藏在家中。岸賈搜查不得,於是懸賞,說十天之內有人獻出孤兒,賞賜千金,過期如無孤兒下落,要將晉國所有嬰兒與孤兒同庚者,斬盡殺絕,趙氏門客中有個程嬰,為人很是忠義,眼見得趙氏後嗣將絕,就趕到公孫杵臼處商量,情願犧牲自己獨生子,替換孤兒一死,公孫杵臼願意捨死,把程嬰的兒子冒作孤兒藏在首陽山,等程嬰去告發。岸賈信以為真,當把嬰子和公孫殺死,以為仇人俱已死絕,再不會有後患了。 他不料後來仍究死在孤兒趙武的手裏,程嬰因趙家之仇已報,自己的心迹已明,就自殺而死,這算答報公孫杵臼的慘死。 (唱詞詳零頁),

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“The Eight Meanings” or “Searching for the Orphans and Saving the Orphans”

In the Spring and Autumn Period of the Warring States Period, Tu Anjia, a traitorous official, was in power. Because he had forged a private vengeance with the Zhao family, he ransacked Zhao Shuo’s family all sizes. Only Zhao Shuo’s wife, Zhuang Ji, escaped because she was Jin Gong’s sister. Entering the palace, Anjia heard that Zhuang Ji was a new born son, and he had left behind problems. He sent people into the palace to search for the orphans. However, the orphans were rescued by the Zhao family’s doorman, Gongsun Chujiu and hid in the house. An Jia was unable to search, so he offered a reward, saying that within ten days someone would give orphans and give a thousand gold. If no orphans have fallen after the expiry date, all the babies and orphans in Jin will be killed. Among the Zhao family Cheng Ying is a very loyal person. Seeing that Zhao’s heirs will be extinct, she rushed to Gongsun Chujiu to discuss, willing to sacrifice his only son to replace the orphan. Gongsun Chujiu is willing to die and hide Cheng Ying’s son as an orphan. Shouyang Mountain, waiting for Cheng Ying to report. An Jia believes that it is true that he should kill the infant and the grandson, thinking that the enemy is dead and there will be no more trouble.

Unexpectedly, he later died in the hands of the orphan Zhao Wu. Cheng Ying committed suicide because the Zhao family’s revenge had already been reported and his heart was clear. This was regarded as the tragic death of Gongsun Chujiu.

(Detailed lyrics on page zero),

源唱: 搜孤救弧唱詞 程嬰 第二埸 程對妻唱詞
娘子,不必,太烈性。 卑人,言來,你是聽。 趙屠,二家,有仇恨。 三百,餘口,命赴幽冥。 我與,公孫杵臼,把計定。他捨,命來,你我捨親生。 捨子,搭救,忠良後。 老天爺,不絕我的,後代根。 你今,捨子,親生子。 來年,必定,降麒麟。 千言,萬語,她不肯。 不捨,姣兒,難救孤臣。 無奈何,我只得,雙膝跪!

Documents Relating to Yue Pai Yung

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