Counting Generations

By Ted Marr, 25th Gen.

Where does the first generation begin? As it turns out, it is not so simple and there is no set rule. In our Genealogy, there are three ways to count the generations. The progenitor Xiao Kuan first arrived in the Ningbo area therefore should be counted as Gen 1. However, when it reached Gen 6, two of the three brothers decided to move away from the old homestead, while the eldest remained at the old homestead.

The descendants of the second brother of Gen 6 (the older of the two who moved away) who moved away decided that they should start the count at Gen 5 (his father) as the new Gen 1. This is clearly stated in file 1.0030. As this is too confusing for my purpose, in all my narratives, I decided to count from the progenitor. So, I am Gen 25 if we start from the Progenitor, and I am Gen 21 if you follow the 1948 Genealogy counting.

Progenitor Ancestors