Foremost, I want to thank our thousands of ancestors over nearly one thousand years to pass down to us such detailed information of our genealogy. Without their consistent effort over such a long period, we could never have this privilege to learn about our roots.

I like to thank four individuals for locating the original genealogy: 邱嗣斌 (Qiu Sibin), Hong Keyao (洪可尧), Yuan Fangfang (袁芳芳) and Moon Wong (王剑强). Moon assisted me in first identified the location of the repository of the 1948 Genealogy. Qiu and Hong were the heroes who wrested these precious documents from the hands of the Red Guard. They put their lives on the line for us.   Yuan, Director of the Tien Yi Ge in 2012, facilitated in my getting hold of an electronic copy of the original 1948 Genealogy at no cost. Together they have contributed so much to us. Words are insufficient to express our gratitude.

I also like to thank cousin You Ling (有龄), who consistently supported my effort to secure the document and locate the tombs. He has been so helpful and supportive.

Kevin Shepherd’s programming expertise was absolutely invaluable in converting the scanned information into digitizing the genealogy tree of over 3,000 individuals. He did all the heavy lifting to enable this website with great software skills.  Also, without the laborious transcription efforts of  Zheng Fulei, Zheng Guangpeng, Zheng Guangxin, (郑福雷, 郑广鹏, 郑广新) we would not have been able to enable OCR to obtain all the 3000+ historic individuals’ names, their birth, death dates, and burial sites. 

In collaboration with me the Chinese team, Moon, and the Zheng family we translated key documents in the 1948 Edition from Classical Chinese to Modern Chinese. I then further translated from to English. 

To improve the writing standards of all the web pages, I am thankful for the hard work of the copy editors — Chinese: Zheng Fulei (郑福雷), Zheng Guangpeng (郑广鹏), and Angela Tam ( 谭竞), and English: Debbie and Dianah Marr. This team of six Chinese and English copy editors made the website so much more professional and easier to read. Thank you, team. 

I like to thank Lailing 来龄 and Cai Zheng 材增 for their effort to contact and collate information of dozens of individuals from Elder Guang Lie 光烈公 branch of the 22nd Generation. Their relentless effort in contacting so many individuals is laudable.

I also like to thank brother George, sister Meiling, and niece Debbie for their consistent support to bring this project to reality.

To bring everything together and hosted professionally for this website, I like to thank Jim Brayton for his inexorable support and technical work in making this a reality. I could not say enough for his always cheerful and supportive efforts. He further agreed to be the ongoing Internet Web Administrator.

Once again, the greatest appreciation really should go to so many of our Ancestors who contributed and uncompromisingly maintained this genealogy’s integrity and continuity.  Their names are listed in the previous edition Prefaces. Without these hundreds of ancestors’ contributions, we would never have learned about our nearly 900 years of history. 

Finally, it is my sincerest hope and desire that future generations will continue to maintain and extend this digital database genealogy for many more centuries to come. I feel blessed to be able to pursue this project to arrive at this stage. It is truly such a blessing.  I believe it is the most important and meaningful project of my life. However, a genealogy is a living thing. I pray future generations will continue to feed and maintain its growth. 

We should heed our ancestors’ words:

1847 Edition Preface: “Just as a country has its history, a family has its genealogy.”
1884 Edition preface: “All things originate from heaven, all people originate from their ancestors.”

Ted Marr (25th Generation),  12the Edition, Editor

Web Administration Team:
Editor: Ted Marr
Site Administrator: Jim Brayton
Technology Consultant: Kevin Shepherd
Associate Editors: Debbie Marr, Dianah Marr

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