To Do

TED will do: 
Create Documents: 
"Elder Xiao Kuan - Progenitor"         
"Elder Zhong Shou, Bright Creek 1st Settler",      
"Elder Yuan Yen - Imperial Court Mandarin",
"Eulogy to Elder Tian Pei",
"Yellow Butterfly",


Dixon Project: Ted with... 
? 27 马材增, 29 馬材達  

Announcement capabilities - mass mailing from admin email; mail merge 

Blog functionality 

Backup process

DEBBIE to do/coordinate: 
Noble Lady Pai Yung Yue 

all around helper :-) 

Curating team task ideas: 
- Interview family members about their memories of Pai Yung Yue (and Henry, childhood memories, celebratory traditions/foods, etc.)
- Alex/Margaret - reflections, Bio page
- Evelyn Pan Marr - Bio page
- List of biographical questions to ask upper generation - live interview, video recordings

============== DONE =============
Copy Editing DONE: Dianah
"Welcome 欢迎",  -DONE; Final Reviewed by Ted
"欢迎 Welcome",  -DONE; Final Reviewed by Ted
"Background Information", -DONE (Dianah)
"背景资料", -DONE; Final Reviewed by Ted
"Preface to 2021 - DONE, DIANAH 1/29
"Multiple Names", - DONE DIANAH 1/29         
"Generation Names Lineup," - DONE DIANAH 1/29
"Counting Generations"-DONE; Final Reviewed by Ted
"House as a Branch"-DONE DM 2/7; Final Reviewed by Ted
"1948 Genealogy Discovery Story" - DONE DIANAH 2/7 
"Names of Key Places and Geographic locations",- DONE DIANAH 2/7
"Tombs of 21st to 23rd Generations",- DONE DIANAH 1/31 
"The Migration:Where Did Our Family Originate?", - DONE DIANAH 2/7 
"Ningbo County Census Report, 1935", - DONE DIANAH 2/7 
"Henry Marr - First Global Entrepreneur"- DONE DIANAH 2/7 
"Pegasus Discovery Tour",-DONE; Final Reviewed by Ted
"Classical vs Modern Chinese",- DONE DIANAH 2/7      
"Genealogy Tree & Reports", "家譜樹",-DONE; Final Reviewed by Ted
"Genealogy Tree Introduction"-DONE; Final Reviewed by Ted
 "Original Documents", - DONE DIANAH
 "原始文檔和翻譯",-DONE; Final Reviewed by Ted
"The Original 1948 Edition Documents", -DONE; Final Reviewed by Ted
"1275 Edition Preface",
"1411 Edition Preface",
"1514 Edition Preface",
"1532 Edition Preface",
"1580 Edition Preface",
"1623 Edition Preface",
"1847 Edition Preface 1",
"1847 Edition Preface 2",
"1884 Edition Preface",
"1916 Edition Preface",
"1948 Edition Preface",
Two Important Migration Document = "Origin of Family Name and Migration Documents", - s: - DONE Dianah
"1st to 26th Direct Line for Shi Liang Descendants from 1163-1948",
"Key Rituals, Family Rules, Forbidden Rules"      
"Abridged Genealogy of Tian Pei and Evelyn",
"Prajna Paramita Heart Sutra Commentary",
"Acknowledgement",- DONE DIANAH 2/1
"致謝",-DONE; Final Reviewed by Ted