Collaboration + Sharing

This genealogy website is not only a place for us to remember our roots, it is also a place for each one of us and each of the families to store and share information, pictures, videos, sound recordings with everyone else.

This is a LIVING genealogy website.

The goal is to generate information for current and future generations. It is a site where every member of the family can make use of it to pass on legacies of their ancestors and of themselves. You would have complete control over how your information would be shaped.

There are two ways which you can do that. I will use my father, Henry, 馬地元 Di Yuan or 馬圻源 Qi Yuan as an example.

  1. Store pictures under a person’s Family Tree position.
    For example, Go to this location, Scroll down the page, you can see there are about 90 pictures about his life from his youth to his last few years. You may use this facility to share pictures of yourself or your family.  You just need to upload the pictures via the website. Under every web page there is an upload function. Just drop the pictures there and annotate regarding who is on the picture and under whom you want this picture to be stored. Then, we will insert them into the Genealogy Tree. At the next Revision of the Genealogy Tree, these pictures will appear.  It is that simple.
  2. You can also create an independent page to share a narrative about someone or some group in your family.  I have created a page of my father, Henry, 馬地元 Di Yuan 馬圻源 Chee Yuan. This is the page. I will work with you to help you create such a page. You can start by writing about this person or a group of persons. You can do it in English or in Chinese. Don’t worry about writing style. We will find various people to finalize the writing. Even if you give me some notes, that will also work. Or, in case you don’t want to write, you can call me, then I or someone will help you write it. Furthermore, you can supply pictures, videos, and audio recordings. I will help you put such a page together. It will be painless on your part. In the creation process, you will have complete authorship right to shape the page into any way you want. The idea here is to create and preserve a legacy of information to share now and for future generations.

    To get started, just contact me on wechat, whatsapp, email ( Let’s talk, no obligations.

    Ted Marr (25th Generation)