Families Root

In the spirit of the German concept of ahnentafel and kekulé, where an individual traces both his paternal and maternal sides, we have setup this common portal for many related families. If you are able to trace many generations of your ancestors, your double ancestral ahnentafel/kekulé chart resembles a butterfly.

This page is a common entry portal for a group of families who share their related genealogy. From this page, you could link your entry portal to your specific family or families. Best of all, once in your family-specific genealogy section, you could be linked to any other in-law related families. Your particular genealogical root may take you to a maze of other “related” families.

In the list below, click on the family-specific-entry point for you. Depending on the families relationship, you may need to login at several connecting location.  

本着德国人 “阿嫩塔费尔/凯库莱” 的精神系统  (ahnentafel and kekulé), 一个人可以同时追踪父亲和母亲的前代. 我们为相关家庭建立了这个共同的网页门户. 如果您能够追溯许多代的祖先. 那么您的双重祖 “阿嫩塔费尔/凯库莱图表” 就像一只蝴蝶.

此页面是一组共享其相关家谱的家庭的通用入口门户. 在此页面上, 您可以进入门户链接到您的特定家庭. 最重要的是, 一旦进入了特定家庭的家谱部分, 您就可以链接到其他与姻亲相关的家庭. 您特定的宗谱根源可能会将您带入其他“相关”家庭的迷宫. 在下面的列表中, 为您单击家庭特定的进入点. 根据家庭关系, 您可能需要在多个连接位置登录.

Bright Creek Ma/Marr Family Genealogy 光溪马氏宗谱
Brayton Family Genealogy (Jim, already researched 6-7 generation?)
Mao Family Genealogy (all data are available online for both the Mao and Hsu sides of the families) 宁波毛氏宗谱
Morris Family Genealogy (Mariya already researched 6+? Generations?)
Tsai Family Genealogy (Rose’s (Kevin) side family has a written genealogy somewhere, as well as a lot of online data.) 四邑(新会,开平,台山,恩平)谢氏宗谱