1623 Edition Preface

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Re-editing the Preface of Ma’s Genealogy in Tianqi Year

This the first Edit, a rough translation. Much work needs to be done yet.

In the past, Sima discussed the organizing of the history of the country; and how the people benefited. He requested his son Sima Qian to say that you should inherit our ancestor Wei Xuan as an official position in Taishi, and you must record all the virtues of your ancestors and write poems to warn future generations. Don’t forget this. The ancestors can see from this that, for any family that has made a difference and learned and contributes to everyone’s life, someone must have recorded him and passed it on to future generations. It is not too soon to do a good job of passing on the genealogy to future generations. The genealogy of the Ma family in Bright Creek was first edited by Ming Ji Gong, followed by Mei Xuan and Nanshan Shenrucheng’s Mr. He. It has been more than forty years, and many people have edited it during this period. However, it is still incomplete, especially when the descendants compiled their genealogy, and at that time, gentlemen produced and edited the genealogy directly based on the lineage of the clan branch, and many branches are inevitably forgotten. It will be more complete when re-editing is done again. Today, Binghu is very old, but his prestige is very high. He is admired by the whole clan. Under the inspiration of the old man of Binhu, people in various branches of the Ma family, such as Mahu, Jian’ao, and county People from the Ma family at Qingshiqiao in East Lane, etc., brought their respective clan graphs to the research. The result of the research shows we are actually the same ancestor. The old man of Binhu was very emotional and kept talking about the same origin. Thousands of tribes all derived from the same root. Just a person’s body is the body of tens of thousands of individuals; from us, we have our parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, etc. We have sons, grandsons, great-grandsons, great-grandsons, and other descendants from the next generations. In this way, children have children, and grandchildren have grandchildren. In general, they are all relatives who grow and develop from the same root. The entire Ma family must respect the old. Love the young, and are you united in harmony. Therefore, the people of the Ma family worked together to find the roots to complete the compilation of their own genealogy. The date of compilation of the genealogy and Lietu said that the old man from Binhu personally intervened. It is now completed and very complete. Binhu’s publicly gently stroked the Ma family tree and smiled happily. The prosperous Ma family has been carefully edited by Ming Ji Gong and many other gentlemen. It is based on the original genealogical tree. Master Hu’s personal compilation made the entire genealogy very detailed, and nothing was forgotten. We are waiting for the descendants of the Ma family to come out to listen to the nobles. This will add luster to the Ma family tree. If among the descendants of the Ma family, there were people who are unethical and uninspiring, isn’t that discrediting the Ma family’s genealogy? This is contrary to the good intentions of the old man of Binhu to re-edit the Ma family tree. As the descendants of the Ma family, we must consciously work hard! You must work hard consciously!

Ming Dynasty Apocalyptic Three Years

Respected writing by Meng Xiayue in the Waishilou in Pangcheng